Quintra offers you services from the entire IT spectrum:

  • Optimization and support of business processes through individual software
  • Workflow-based applications
  • Internet security / pentesting
  • Compliance tests, End-to-End tests, funtional tests, unit tests
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Concept and design of internet / intranet applications, UX tests
  • Responsive design, web 2.0 technologies
  • CMS configuration (WordPress, Typo3)
  • Implementation of legal requirements and guidelines (GDPR, BITV 2.0, WCAG 2.1)
  • Interface solutions (SAP oscare®, REST-API, SOAP)
  • Collaboration solution with Nextcloud Talk and High Performance Backend
  • Application monitoring using Nagios and Icinga
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and visualization using Elastic Stack, Logstash and Kibana (ELK Stack)

Project flow

The process for implementing a specific customer project could look as follows:

Project flow example

Workflow systems

With workflow systems, operational processes can be significantly professionalized. They map business processes and support them with powerful infrastructure. Our company has many years of experience in the development of high-quality industry and customer-specific workflow systems. It is only through close cooperation with the customer during the development process that an application is created which perfomance can unfold during its operation.


  • Automate common and time-consuming business processes
  • Reduce lead times of work processes significantly
  • Integration of existing customer systems (accounting, KISS, warehousing)
  • Automatically get the right message for the right people at the right time
  • Online access to data of the respective levels in the company in real time
  • Automated data provision for controlling and management

Customer benefits:

  • Process streamlining
  • Enhanced process controllability
  • Optimization potential transparency

SAP - OSCARE® connection

oscare® is the GKV industry solution implemented by AOK-Systems, based on mySAP and "SAP® for Insurance", for mapping the entire GKV business processes (see

Quintra has successfully linked AOK-Bayern's rehabilitation case management (ARGuS) to oscare®.

The following technologies were used to connect to oscare®

  • Use of the business functions via BAPI (business application programming interfaces)
  • RFC
  • WebServices

The coordination with the specialist departments, AOK Systems and the connection was based on the interface specification Reha-DTA according to §301 SGB V (inspired by