Quintra was founded in 1996 as an IT provider in the Linux environment. Since its foundation, the company has provided solutions for customers such as Yahoo!, T-Online, Focus-Online, AOK, MD Bayern, Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, Dr. KADE, BKK and many others.

Current projects (excerpt)

ARGuS of AOK Bayern

Development and administration of the web-based rehabilitation, approval and booking system including a public portal. The application completely covers AOK Bayern's internal work tasks when processing rehab procedures and connects external agents such as rehab clinics and hospitals.

AOK Pflege-Navigator

Professional and technical support for the public search and comparison portal that offers information for more than 30,000 nursing homes, care services and support offers in everyday life. The application includes various administration and import / export interfaces and a cost calculation for insured people.


Personnel planning "Zauber" of MD Bayern

Development and operation of the intranet web portal "Zauber" for personnel planning when evaluating nursing facilities. The system completely covers the planning workflow from the import of test orders to time and location-based employee search to notification and confirmation and contains separate monitoring and controlling interfaces.

DGUV job Metasearch

Development and operation of the internal web application "Metasearch" for applicant job matching for DGUV employees. The placement of applicants takes place through automated job crawling with DB caching including full-text search of vacancies and generation of application letters. The portal connects UV carriers and employers.